Ted Cruz and his ‘Filibuster’ Fail

Ted Cruz’s ‘filibuster’ failed to prevent Obamacare from remaining law, not that it would have mattered anyway. Cruz isn’t really making much of an argument against Obamacare as much as an argument for direct democracy,…

Key Speakers At CERAWeek 2013 Energy Conference

Barry Smitherman – Another Religious Nut job

It’s never any surprise to me that Texas candidates for public office speak of God and Country, it is practically a requirement of office in this state if one has any hope of being elected.…

Rick Perry asshole

Rick Perry is an Ass

The Pentagon announced just last month that it would extend to same-sex couples, the same benefits afforded to heterosexual couples.  However, here in the great state of Texas, military members have been denied by the…


moot magazine 2013

Moot Magazine’s mission is changing. Our new format will focus on liberal texas politics. In recent years, texas counties are going more and more blue. although we are chained to a Republican led senate and…


February Issue Available

  Get your iPad, Print, or digital download version of Moot’s February issue now!    


The Gas About Religion and State

The Gas about Religion and State Like it or not, humans are predictable, no matter what you are hearing from mass media these days. Politics and religion are two of the most consistent and predictable…

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