what is Moot?

Moot Magazine is edited for the liberal, broad-minded, equality seeking, libertines in Texas. Content covers a broad range of topics, from general lifestyle topics such as politics, religion, civil rights, gay rights, women rights, the arts, and more.


We provide in-depth, thoroughly researched, sophisticated material that accurately portrays the liberal mindset in Texas.
Moot Magazine’s mission is to be the premier resource for those seeking information on our covered topics from a liberal point of view. Reporting on the issues, trends, people, places and events that shape the lives of Americans, our editorial mix includes investigative journalism, celebrity interviews, spirited criticism, breaking news, and reports on the latest trends.

Our readers are passionate about truth in media without a corporate or ad- based bias. All from a liberal point of view. We take on conspiracy theories as well as more unpopular views. We strive to give our readers what is missing from journalism and media today – unadulterated truth. They are comprised of those simply dedicated to keeping informed about the most current happenings the world of politics, civil liberties, and life in general.

We intend to become the authority for liberal Texans.