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Moot Magazine launched 10 years ago this year as an online and print magazine dedicated to liberalism and progressive-minded Americans.

Our first issue was entitled “RELIGITICS”, with a disturbing image of a political animal addressing the frightening direction our nation was headed in 2012, towards more conflation of religion and politics than we seemed to have ever had before this time.

Little did we know how prescient our first issue would be. With the election of Donald Trump to the highest office in America, it was an American Horror Story like I had never expected to become a reality. Although I knew it was possible he could win, I held out hope that he would lose.

MOOT was absent from the media landscape during these tumultuous years, and I regret that we couldn’t help to give a voice to those we serve with our magazine in a time when their voices were most needed in the midst of a dystopian political nightmare.

Although Trump’s reign has ended, for now, we still have the “Supreme Injustices”, as I call them, on the Supreme Court, doing his party’s bidding without consideration for legal precedent or legal theory or even what the nation’s majority wants but instead what amounts to religious edicts against the most marginalized and oppressed in our country. Along with this erosion of our constitutional rights as American citizens, we too have to contend with continued mass shootings, a swiftly declining environmental crisis, and never-ending political discourse with people whom often should be lobotomized rather than setting political policies.

Despite all of this and much more we’re going through as a nation, there is still hope and there always will be. Throughout each epoch of discontent, we as progressives continue to live and love and thrive despite all the bullshit we have to contend with on a daily basis. I hope that the resurrection of MOOT will help to give you a voice in this continued landscape of disparity.

We have many new writers to give voice to our liberal viewpoints and agendas whom are passionate and resolute to help the light overcome the darkness.

Coming up later this month is the MOOT podcast which we will post a link to soon. In this monthly podcast, we will discuss articles and issues addressed in our current “issue” on the website as well as have our “MOOT Court” which will be one or more of our staff debating with someone’s opposing viewpoint on a relevant topic – a far left liberal vs a far right conservative, for example. It is sure to be explosive but hopefully enlightening for the “other side”.

We remain a free publication, financed solely by myself and generous donations from supporters.

Thanks for checking us out again. We hope you enjoy our first month of articles and look forward to bringing you more each month!

Donovan Lord


  • Donovan Lord

    As Publisher and Editor of Moot Magazine, Donovan has brought a voice to Texas' Left Wing and progressive citizens.

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