When this book landed on my desk I thought, “What the hell?”.
I immediately began to flip through it, regaled by a 93 year old grannie in panties, on a motorcycle, smoking a banana and coaching a jump- roping chicken.

To make sense of this, I went to the front of the book and began reading this endearing and obviously heartfelt project of photographer Sacha Goldberger’s tongue-in-cheek chronicle of his grandmother Mamika. Along the journey, you’ll learn about Mamika’s life and her gems of wisdom for her grandson. It’s like having all of the things your grandmother told you, in one little book, whether they made sense or not.  And if you ever got a kick out of your grandmother’s quirky ways, this grandmother will make you roar with laughter.

Although Mamika may seem perfectly happy now, she is a Jew who escaped Nazism and Communism and is a perfect way to end our issue on race – with a little humor in honor or Mamika’s triumph over racism.

Enjoy the following few shots from this hilarious and loving tribute to Goldberger’s Mamika and be sure to pick up your copy!  It’s a must have for your coffee table and definitely a conversation starter!


$10.99/Harper Collins Publishers

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