#TrumpLeaks uncovers photos of Donald Trump, Jr. at Russian real estate conference in Moscow in 2008

Washington, D.C. – January 4, 2017 -The Democratic Coalition uncovered photos Wednesday morning of Donald Trump Jr. at the Adam Smith Conferences 6th Annual Russian Real Estate Summit in Moscow in 2008. The photos were released as part of an effort known as #TrumpLeaks, a research initiative headed by coalition Senior Advisor, Scott Dworkin. #TrumpLeaks began back in August 2016 as the Democratic response to WikiLeaks.

The photos, which can all be seen on coalition advisor Scott Dworkin’s Twitter account (@funder) include Donald Trump, Jr. in front of the Adam Smith Conference’s 6th Annual Russian Real Estate Summit backdrop, as well as a screenshot of Donald Trump, Jr.’s bio on the Adam Smith Conferences website. In his bio, it states that Donald Trump, Jr. is “currently evaluating projects in South America, the former USSR, Europe, Asia, and across North America.” Additionally, the photos include a list of other keynote speakers at the conference, many of which have direct connections to Russian president, Vladimir Putin.

“We have repeatedly heard from the Trump campaign and The Trump Organization that no one in the family has conducted business in Russia,” said Scott Dworkin, “but now we see Donald Trump, Jr. as the keynote speaker at a Russian real estate conference described as ‘a key date in the calendar of ALL top real estate professionals, who are interested, or currently doing business in the Real Estate sector in Russia.’ At some point we have to ask ourselves when do we stop taking Trump’s word and start looking at the facts?”

Dworkin worked on the 2009 Inauguration, 2012 Democratic Convention, served as a Senior Advisor to the Progressive Caucuses Nonprofit Foundation for four years, ran the Draft Warren and Draft Biden Campaigns and is the Co-Founder of The Democratic Coalition.

#Trumpleaks was recently featured here on MSNBC’s AM Joy, and a full online archive of all leaks can be found by searching the hashtag #TrumpLeaks on Twitter, accompanied by Scott Dworkin’s account @funder.

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