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I started this magazine in reaction to the overwhelming idiocy of the right-wing, conservative, evangelical Christian, nonsense with which I am bombarded daily, living in Texas.   Being an extremely liberal-minded individual in a highly conservative part of the country, I know first hand the frustration with the lies and the closed-mindedness that the liberals face every day around the country.

This, our first issue, deals primarily with my two favorite taboo topics – religion and politics.   I  am horrible at dinner parties and new get togethers as I am never interested in small-talk, I’m interested in discussing religion and politics more than anything else.  It’s the big questions in life that interest me, not who wore what to the Academy Awards.
So, I named Moot as such because I want this magazine to challenge the accepted normalcy of society.  Everything is debatable and should be questioned not simply followed through blind faith and allegiance without investigating for oneself.  Also, celebrating the iconoclasts and the most uncelebrated among us is a primary goal of this magazine.

We are a small publication with a small staff of talented writers seeking to be your anti-venom to the right-winged, conservative, Republicans, Tea Partiers and Evangelical Christians and bigoted hypocrisy that seems all too accepted by society today as “normal”.  We are here to say, “we beg to differ”.  Not only on the question of religion’s place in government and politics, but on the fundamental questions of right and wrong.

I’m often called a bleeding heart liberal and I proudly accept that moniker as it at least means I have a heart.  I care about people, I care about the World as a whole, not only the parts that affect me personally.  Therein lies the difference between them (the conservatives), and we, (the liberals).  We care.  They don’t.  They fight to maintain the status quo at all costs even when it doesn’t work or is unfair for the majority of the country, or the World for that matter. So caring about health care for the poor, elderly, and sick is not a conservative value? Civil rights for all people regardless of what a particular religion has to say about it is not a conservative value?  The rich paying a much smaller percentage of their income than the working class and the middle class is a conservative value?  Then I am proud to be a “liberal”.  Liberal is defined as “advanced, broad-minded, free, humanitarian, intelligent, left, reformist, tolerant, unbiased, non bigoted, unprejudiced, and generous.”  Count me in!

So I present to you my personal “Screw  Conservatism” love letter that I and several writers have put together. I hope you enjoy our Premiere issue and I hope you’ll support us by subscribing!

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